Inside the Mind of Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s head may not be something you want to be inside, but we must do our best to understand the man who occupies the most important office in the world. While “The Goldwater Rule” was implemented to stop psychiatrists from diagnosing public figures from a distance, a lot has changed since 1964. Today, we have a lot more access to the minds of our leaders than we did in the 1960s. And lets be frank, it doesn’t take a mental health professional to see there’s something wrong in the Oval Office.
In a lecture delivered at Stillpoint Spaces Berlin this month, Director of Stillpoint London, psychotherapist Dr. Aaron Balick, does not “diagnose” the president, but applies depth psychological thinking to understand the mind of the most powerful man on the planet. By looking at his behaviour, his actions, and not least his tweets, Dr. Balick delves deeply into the psyche of Trump. All things psychological operate on a spectrum – it just so happens that many of Trump’s personality traits occupy the extreme end of it. By looking at these extremes, we not only learn about Trump, but also ourselves and the society in which we live.

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