Stillpoint Spaces London’s First Event: Stories of Motherhood

By Christina Moutsou

‘In the ensuing discussions, a chasm opened slowly and painfully between the idealised longings and fantasies we all share and the realities of maternal experiences: here were met the great silences of love, loss, longing, memories, desire, hatred and ambivalence. This book is the result of bringing together what often seems unsayable about the Mother.’

We are excited to be hosted by Stillpoint Spaces for a unique event aligning psychoanalysis, art, and narrative to look at the stories of our mothers and motherhood in Western culture. We are thrilled to see so many contributors to our book The Mother in Psychoanalysis and Beyond: Matricide and Maternal Subjectivity  (published by Routledge in the UK and the US in October 2016).

The book has already received three warm and generous reviews, one to be published this year in the Journal of Maternal Studies, one in the next issue of ‘The Psychotherapist’ in March, and one has been published online by journalist and acclaimed writer Belona Greenwood on the ‘Words and Women’ site.

Belona concludes her review by stating:

To be a mother is at once the most intimate, profound and universal of our experiences. Our own mothering cannot be separated from our own experience of being mothered. It is the most ambiguous and ambivalent of relationships as well as the most enriching. The mother relationship can render us paper-thin, vulnerable, exposed to slipstreams of uncertainty, separation, betrayal and loss, aching to fulfil the impossible idealisation and fantasies of the mother in our society. This is a rich, moving book of courage, a handbook to understanding.


On February 25th, we will revisit some of the key elements bringing the book together. Some of the questions asked will be: Are there alternatives to the Oedipus model that do not eradicate the mother’s voice? What is it like to reject motherhood? Are mothers the source of universal ills? What story-telling, personal narrative, art, film and music can tell us about the voice of the Mother in Western culture? Where is the Mother situated in psychoanalysis?

Here’s what you can expect on the day:

1:00 – 2:15:  Presentation

Mothers and Other Stories: Introduction to the book

Rosalind Mayo


Amber Jacobs

Rejecting Motherhood  

Pat Blackett


2:15: Coffee and tea break and time to enjoy Eti Wade’s exhibition


2:35 – 3:30:  Presentation

O Mother, mother!  What have you done?  

Jane Haynes:  

Climate of Absence

Christina Moutsou


3:30 – 3:50: Break with drinks and Alison Davies’s exhibition projected.


3:50 – 4:30 Presentations:

3:50: Motherhood

Lynda Woodroffe and Paula Rego

4:10 – 4:30:  The Quiet Coercive use of Patriarchy in Films: multimedia presentation.

Lakis Georghiou

4:30 – 5:00: Panel, Q&A and Discussion

Eti Wade, Alison Davies, Lynda Woodroffe and Lakis Georghiou discussing their artwork and visual presentations.


There will be time for drinks and informal conversation after the panel.

We are very pleased that so many of you have booked already to attend the event. Looking forward to meeting you on the day!

Tickets available here



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